Golf is Hard Enough – Why Make It Harder?


By Alan Watson, President of GOLF+

Golf can certainly be a difficult pursuit. From learning the correct grip to mastering the short game to learning to read greens and so much more. Golf is a tough sport. Most of us make it harder and we don’t even know it. How is that you ask?

Many golfers are playing with worn-out and/or the wrong-sized grips. The golf grip is your connection to the club and should fit properly and be in good shape. I encourage golfers in my shop to touch and feel several models and sizes to see what works best for them. Though we measure as well, ultimately the feel for each golfer will be different and a measurement only tells you so much. Other factors that affect grip selection as it relates to size are more physical such as arthritis, tendinitis, and other joint or hand-related issues. A larger grip can relieve the stress of squeezing down on the grip and keep the club from slipping or turning during impact with the ball or ground.

The feel of a grip is quite subjective and varies by golfer. Grips come in many designs with different feels like dry, sticky, soft, firm, corded (which is fabric woven into the grip for traction) and more. With many options for traction and texture there is sure to be confusion and debate over which is best. Rubber is the dominant material choice for grips; however, there are other compounds utilized by some manufacturers that make grips softer overall than classic rubber designs. The addition of cord to rubber grips makes them firmer and more rough. Even the designs within the models make each grip feel different with the use of lines, grooves, and some even have raised nodules. Which one is best for you will only be determined by you as you feel each model and decide what you want your connection to the club to look and feel like.

Have you ever seen professional caddies toweling off golf grips for their pro? They do it before and after almost every shot. They are keeping the grips clean and free of dirt, sweat, and oils from the players’ hands that can cause the grip to feel slick over time and deteriorate. Keeping grips clean and free of debris is not only helpful to you as you play but also will help you with your wallet as you won’t need to replace the grips as often due to wear and improper feel. After all, a slick grip is not a helpful grip and you will surely have shots go sideways or offline as the grip turns in your hand. Often you may not even realise this is happening.

Golf Plus PhotoWe see grips come in the shop in many conditions, from barely worn to dry rotted as the rubber and cord start to come apart. Often there are thumb imprints and wear marks that have completely eroded a section of the grip sometimes down to the shaft. Most grips are designed to last about a year depending on how often you play, how hard you grip, and the cleaning and maintenance that you perform on them such as toweling them off often like a tour caddie.

Regardless of what grip you choose you should consider the condition of your current grips and decide whether or not you are ready for new ones. Fresh grips feel great and give you the confidence to swing away!

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