4 Things To Do Now For Glowing Skin This Summer


By Meg Burns, Blush Beauty Lounge

Are you ready for summer? The warmer weather, days at the beach or pool, gatherings with family and friends, whatever your summer season looks like for you…it will be here before you know it. Everyone wants glowy skin in the summer, and spring is the perfect time to get your skin ready! Here are a few tips from our amazing esthetician team at Blush Beauty Lounge.

1: Don’t skip your SPF.
The sun is actually good for us. I know we have been told a lot of things over the years, but our body needs Vitamin D for our immune system, our mood, and more. To clarify, we are not telling you to go bake in the sun for hours without SPF. But what I am saying is that being out in the sun for a bit each day is actually really good for you! Simply adding an SPF for your face into your daily routine can help avoid pigmentation and premature aging in your skin. We love a mineral sunscreen that also blocks pollution and blue light (light from our devices). Enjoy your time outside… and don’t forget your SPF!

2: Book your wax appointment.
If you want the benefits of waxing (finer hair regrowth, no shaving, fewer ingrown hairs) for the summer, then you need to start now. Book your leg, arm, bikini, or brazilian wax now and get it on your schedule for every 4 weeks. You will be so happy that you did when summer arrives!

3: Make your at-home skincare routine a priority.
Even a routine as simple as washing your face, applying toner, and using moisturizer will add up to big changes for you! Bonus points for adding in things like serums and masks depending on your skin needs (your esthetician can help you pick out products that are perfect for you and your goals!). Go for high quality products that will give you results and a good return on your investment. There are great options out there that will last you months at home which ends up being a great price per use return on your investment.

Set a reminder on your phone and get in the habit of doing your skincare routine before bed. You will notice a difference quicker than you probably think!

4: Get consistent with your facials.
Classic facials and hydrafacials are truly both incredible options and provide amazing results. A consistent facial schedule is the perfect partnership between you, your at-home routine, and your esthetician. They can address concerns in some creative or more in-depth ways with their professional products to help you see results even faster. Gone are the days where you need to have several days of downtime to achieve results. Product technology and training have made it possible for our estheticians to help you address your concerns with high quality products, see results, and have zero downtime so that you don’t have to pause your regular life. We recommend facials every 4 weeks.

We hope these tips were a helpful reminder (or that you learned something new!) as you prepare for summer. If you are looking for an esthetician or want some help picking out skincare or making a skincare plan, we would be delighted to help you. Simply give us a call or shoot us a text at (850) 641-0200. We even have a local discount that gives you 10% off every time you come in!