Introducing Bayway Flex: A Micro Transit Service


Bay County Transit, also known as Bayway, is proud to unveil its latest innovation in transit services: Bayway Flex. With the introduction of Bayway Flex, traveling within a corridor along Highway 98 from Panama City Beach to 30A has never been easier or more affordable.

Bayway 1Bayway Flex allows passengers to schedule rides in real time, for just $1.50. To ride, users will start by downloading the Bayway Flex app. Once logged in, simply input your pickup and destination points within the service zone, and you’ll be on your way. Each scheduled ride comes with a 20-minute flexibility window, allowing for the pickup and drop-off of additional riders, enhancing efficiency, and reducing costs for all passengers.

The Bayway Flex service area is geofenced from Panama City Beach and continues along 30A within Walton County. Bayway Flex empowers travelers to commute to work or indulge in leisurely escapes to popular destinations like Rosemary and Laguna Beach.

Lamar Hobbs, Bayway’s Transit Program Administrator, explains that the launch of Bayway Flex marks a significant milestone in providing personalized and efficient transit solutions along the Gulf Coast.

“We are thrilled to introduce Bayway Flex, which revolutionizes travel convenience and accessibility for residents and visitors alike,” said Lamar Hobbs. “With Bayway Flex, passengers can now enjoy seamless rides tailored to their individual needs, all at an affordable price.”

Key Features of Bayway Flex:

Personalized Routes: Passengers can customize their travel by setting their starting and ending points within the service area, ensuring flexibility and convenience with every ride.

Popular Destinations: From Panama City Beach to Rosemary to Laguna Beach, Bayway Flex provides residents and visitors with the opportunity to explore and experience the Gulf Coast.

Bayway Flex App: Seamlessly schedule rides with the user-friendly Bayway Flex app, putting control of your journey at your fingertips. Available on both iOS and Android platforms, the app simplifies the booking process, making travel stress-free and efficient. Simply search for ‘Bayway Flex.’

Don’t miss out on the future of transit along the Gulf Coast. Download the Bayway Flex app today and embark on a journey of convenience and affordability.

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