RevWood Floors: What Is It and Why Is It So Popular?


By Spencer Angland, Marketing Coordinator, Flooring Depot of Panama City

RevWood is a laminate flooring product by Mohawk that is becoming more and more popular by the day, and now you can find it at Flooring Depot of Panama City. RevWood offers the authentic look of hardwood flooring but also provides the security, safety, and protection of more damage-resistant options. There are many different designs, colors, and styles that can fit perfectly into any home or business. RevWood isn’t gaining popularity just because it makes beautiful floors, it is also designed to be a very durable and long-lasting option that can fit into any budget. RevWood utilizes technology that makes it fade resistant, scratch resistant, and waterproof. That all sounds great in theory, but what does all of this mean for your home or business?

RevWood is four times more scratch resistant than similar flooring materials. This makes it much harder to damage, which is always a good thing. This means that with RevWood, you won’t need to worry as much about scratching the floor every time you move your furniture or drop something heavy onto it. The premium scratch resistance also means that pets are much less likely to damage your floors, which means RevWood is a fantastic choice for families who own pets or pet-friendly businesses.

Another form of protection offered by RevWood is fade resistance. Most floors will fade over time, no matter how well maintained they are. This is a natural effect caused by contact with sunlight that eventually makes the flooring look less vibrant and colorful than when it is first installed. RevWood, on the other hand, resists fading in sunlight. This means that RevWood will look brand-new for quite some time after installation. You can pick the color and style that you want for your floors and trust that they will look as good as the day they were installed for years to come.

In addition, RevWood has a waterproof technology built directly into it known as WetProtect, which includes a waterproof finish and watertight joints. Spills and messes can be easily cleaned without worrying about whether they damaged your floor. For pet owners, if your furry family member has an accident inside, RevWood’s waterproof protection makes it safe to wet and steam mop, so when accidents do happen you can easily clean them up.

Another one of the technologies that is built into RevWood is known as CleanProtect, which makes it very difficult for microorganisms to grow and spread. This means that you are less likely to track germs through your house, which can help keep you and your family healthy. Since RevWood is also waterproof, it is very easy to keep clean and sanitary.

RevWood is a very popular choice for flooring because it has a bundle of great qualities and technologies that work seamlessly together to make it an ideal choice for almost any budget. It has the beautiful, natural look of hardwood without any of the risks associated with actual hardwood. It’s waterproof, and easy to keep clean and sanitary. It doesn’t fade as quickly as other options do, so it will continue to look great for a very long time. It is extremely durable and scratch resistant, so that makes it very pet friendly and a great choice for everyday living and for businesses that have a lot of foot traffic.

If you want to learn more about RevWood or find some inspiration, stop by Flooring Depot of Panama City today! Our professional sales staff can tell you everything you want to know about RevWood, or you can give us a call at (850) 785-2216 to learn more.