Estrogen in Men is Dangerous…When it’s Too Low!


By Dr. Richard Chern, M.D.

Hormone DrAre there any men out there who are tired, irritable, have trouble sleeping, headaches, brain fog, dry cracked skin, depression, anxiety, high cholesterol or high triglycerides? These are just some problems associated with low Estrogen levels. As I’ve discussed previously, testosterone breaks down into estrogen and this estrogen helps to relieve these symptoms and much more. Additionally, Estrogen protects against heart attacks, strokes and some cancers!

I’m sure you’ve seen stories about the ripped body builder who drops dead at age 40 from a heart attack! Do you know why this happens? These guys block their testosterone from converting into estrogen so their testosterone levels can stay abnormally high. They do not die from the elevated testosterone; they die from the low Estrogen! Estrogen works so well to prevent heart attacks that when these younger guys block it for years, they quickly build up plaques in their heart and drop dead.

So, what does that have to do with us non-body builders who don’t block their estrogen? Well, low estrogen is nearly as bad as no estrogen. As we age our testosterone drops. Low testosterone means low estrogen. Low estrogen means big problems!

You don’t hear about women dying from strokes and heart attacks at 50 years old. Just the men. Why? Low estrogen!

What do we do at The Hormone Restoration Center? Well, we don’t put estrogen in men! We add testosterone which helps with testosterone symptoms and estrogen symptoms, because the testosterone will slowly convert into estrogen and then the heart is happy, the brain is happy and we’re happy.

Now remember, it’s normal for our testosterone and estrogen to fall over time. So, when your doctor says your labs are normal, that does not mean they are optimal!

At The Hormone Restoration Center, we optimize your hormones so you can have optimal health!

Did you know you’re risk for Alzheimer’s goes up if your testosterone is BELOW 900? Are you going to be happy with a “NORMAL” level of 550? I’m not! Did you know your risk of aggressive prostate cancer goes up when your testosterone is BELOW 840? Are you going to be happy with a “NORMAL” level of 400? I’m not! Did you know that all causes of mortality (that means dead!) goes up with testosterone levels below 600? Are you going to be happy with a testosterone of 375? I’m not! Ask your doctor if a testosterone level of 375 is normal. Ask what an optimal level for health is? They probably won’t have an answer.
Of course, women need estrogen, too, and maybe we can discuss that next month. But if your husband is tired, irritable, can’t sleep, can’t find his wallet, his keys or his reading glasses, then you better get him to The Hormone Restoration Center and let us fix him up.
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