Ask Apex: Some Obvious (& Not so Obvious) Signs Mold is in Your Home


Mold should never be taken lightly as it can cause significant damage to your property and put you and your family’s health at risk. Sometimes mold can grow from a large obstruction following bad weather and sometimes it can grow from a household spill. Knowing the signs of mold growth will help determine your course of action quickly to avoid monetary setbacks and potential health issues.

Musty Smell & Foul Odor
This is typically common in the early stages of mold growth. The smell of foul odor is also very concerning as it can potentially be a more dangerous type of mold.

Dark Grout
Although bathrooms and kitchens are known to have some dirty grout, it’s important to take note of dark grout as it could be discolored from mold.

Dark Patches on Your Wall or Your Walls are Bubbling
If you notice dark patches on your walls, it’s likely a sign of mold growth. Moreover, if your walls are bubbling, it might mean that moisture is behind the dry wall creating a bubbly look on your interior walls.

Your Carpets are Discolored
Pay attention to the coloration and deterioration your carpet. Because of their makeup, they can hold moisture longer, potentially resulting in a greater mold risk.

You ALWAYS Have a Cold
If you are constantly feeling sick with cold-like symptoms but you noticed a slight decrease in symptoms when you leave the house, it might be due to a mold problem.

Mold is something that should never be ignored so pay attention to the signs and contact a professional to remediate the issue. To learn more about mold prevention and removal, contact us at (850) 660-6900.