A Minister’s Message: The Most Important Thing You Can Do?


By Kerry Knight, Minister for the Emerald Beach Church of Christ

A farm boy accidentally overturned his wagon load of corn in the road. The farmer who lived nearby came to investigate. “Hey, Willis,” he called out, “forget your troubles for a spell and come on in and have dinner with us. Then I’ll help you get the wagon up.” “That’s mighty nice of you,“ Willis answered, “but I don’t think Pa would like me to.” “Aw, come on, son!” the farmer insisted.

“Well, okay,” the boy finally agreed. “But Pa won’t like it.”

After a hearty dinner, Willis thanked his host. “I feel a lot better now, but I just know Pa is going to be real upset.”

“Don’t be foolish!” exclaimed the neighbor. “By the way, where is he?”

“Under the wagon.”

How do we prioritize our actions? The Bible teaches that the Lord’s church (kingdom) must come first, Matthew 6:33. Are we attending worship services as we should? Are we seeking to help those who are without Christ? Let’s not put off the most important things as a Christian.