Tips for Glowing Summer Skin


By Meg Burns, Blush Beauty Lounge

We are smack dab in the middle of summer and our days are filled with beach days, road trips, pontoon rides, backyard cookouts, farmers markets, and other fun in the sun activities. Here are some simple tips to keep your skin glowing through it all!

Blush Beauty Lounge Check MirrorDouble cleanse your skin at night.

In the summer we sweat more, are often covered in saltwater or chlorine, and have extra SPF on. Double cleansing at night is the perfect way to make sure we go to bed with clean skin. So what in the world is a double cleanse? Good question! It is simply washing your face twice in a row. The first cleanse helps to remove dirt, makeup and SPF. With all of the debris removed, the second cleanse can actually clean your skin. I love an oil-based cleanser or something gentle for my first cleanse. Something that will help take off my eye makeup, too. Then for my second cleanse I use something more foamy. You will notice such a difference with this step alone!

Lighten up your moisturizer.

Most people can lighten up their moisturizer in the Summer, especially when we live in humid climates. Opt for something lighter during the day to help with your glow. If you need more moisturizer at night, you can grab your heavier night cream!

Faux tans + SPF are your BFFs.

I will forever and always talk about the importance of SPF. I will also forever and always talk about how it’s actually GOOD for us to be in the sun each day. There are so many health benefits that come from being exposed to sunshine for a bit each day. Our mood, our immune system, our sleep (and more!) all benefit from sun exposure. Florida sun is no joke and SPF helps us avoid sun damage and sunburn. Get your sunshine exposure, wear your SPF, and get a spray tan if you are wanting some more color! Spray tans have come a long way and provide fantastic natural-looking results. Book one before your next fun event or outing! You will be so glad that you did!

Book your dermaplane.

If you are looking for a great summer treatment option for your skin, a dermaplane is a perfect option! It leaves your skin feeling super smooth, your makeup application goes on much more smoothly, and your skincare absorbs even better. Say ‘bye-bye’ to peach fuzz and dead skin and ‘hello’ to your glow!

Bonus: Makeup tip!

Mixing your bronzer with some illuminator is the perfect summer glow tip! Mix them together before applying where you normally apply your bronzer. You will be bronzed and glowing in seconds! Need some makeup tips + tricks? We are now offering lessons at Blush Beauty Lounge!

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