Property Tax: Payment & Installment Plan Application Deadlines March 31


Property Tax Deadline Approaching

Pcb Life March 2024March marks the deadline for 2023 property tax payments to be paid. To avoid paying additional penalties and fees, 2023 property tax payments must be postmarked by or received in the tax collector’s office by March 31st. As of April 1st, advertising fees will be added to all delinquent accounts.

Taxpayers can verify taxes are paid by pulling up their property tax account online. You can search for your account by owner name, account number or address. Simply click the QR code to begin the process to verify an account status or pay taxes. If you need a receipt of your payment, simply click the Print (PDF) link next to your account. Payment information is noted at the bottom of the bill and can be printed to serve as a receipt.

Deadline to Apply for 2024 Installment Payment Plan for 2024 Property Taxes

If you are interested in paying your 2024 property taxes in four installment payments rather than one lump sum payment, you must apply for the Installment Payment Plan by April 30th to participate. You can make application for the plan online through the Tax Collector’s tax payment site. Simply look up your property tax account as if you were paying a bill, once you’ve located your account, just below the Amount Due heading you will see a link in blue lettering that reads Apply for the 2024 installment payment plan. Click the link to begin the enrollment process. The installment plan is only available to individuals with a property tax payment greater than $100.