Not Your Normal Concrete Floor


By Kim Brazell, Flooring Depot of Panama City

Are you looking to create the ultimate man cave? Does your business need a beautiful, durable floor and you love the look of concrete? Then Flooring Depot of Panama City has some new product options for you.

Polyaspartic Resin Chip Flooring
Epoxy Chip Floor Coating 00008 1024x768You may have seen this type of decorative concrete in a friend’s garage or in a showroom or business of some kind and loved the floor but didn’t know quite what it was. It’s growing in popularity and is often used to create a great garage or man cave space, but it also has many other applications. It’s resin chip flooring and Flooring Depot offers Edura Epoxy Resin Chip flooring. It’s professional grade or polyaspartic, which is a fancy name that essentially means it’s super durable and will protect your concrete floor for a lifetime. That means no peeling, lifting, or cracking. The product is also UV stable, so the color doesn’t fade.

Endura Resin Chip Flooring is seamless, slip-resistant, and decorative, meaning there are a variety of colors to choose from. It’s professional grade and can stand up to lots of wear and tear, gives a decorative look that is easy to walk on, (and it’s not slick). You may have seen this advertised on television or sold in a big box store, but the product offered by Flooring Depot is not like the ones sold at the big box stores.

“Our product is Endura, and it is a professional-grade polyaspartic resin,” says Rob Morrisseau, installation and commercial manager at Flooring Depot of Panama City. “It looks similar to what is sold in a big box store, but the durability of ours is eight times what you can buy elsewhere. The items sold in a big box are typically 8-10 mils thick while the ones we sell and install are 50-60 mils thick. This means it’s going to be able to hold up to a lot more wear and tear and traffic.”

Great ways to use this product are in garages and basements, auto showrooms and retail stores, entranceways, lobbies, corridors, locker rooms, restrooms, laundry and clean rooms, as well as healthcare facilities. It’s also great for pool decks, patios, and driveways.
The Endura product has a fast installation process and hardens quickly so you can get back into your space. It also resists chemical and automotive fluids and harsh cleaning solutions, and can withstand heavy foot traffic and rubber wheel traffic while offering moisture vapor resistance, says Morrisseau.

Designer Metallic Epoxy
Metallic Epoxy Coating Contractor Work Ej 00013 768x1024The second option if you love concrete floors is a designer metallic epoxy flooring. Offered in an array of colors, this colorful glass-like flooring comes from genuine metallic pigments suspended in the highest glass epoxy. Again, it’s seamless, chemical resistant, easy to clean, and low maintenance. It’s perfect for homes, luxury apartments, lofts, hotels, restaurants, event facilities, retail stores, beauty shops, hospital waiting rooms, cafeterias, galleries, museums, and showrooms.

“These floors are beautiful with a deep shine,” says Morrisseau. “What’s great about this too, is it’s as unique as our customer. You can use one color or multi-colors to get the desired effect for your space, so you are only limited by your imagination. It offers a level of creativity and uniqueness that you don’t always get in traditional flooring.”

Customers can also choose between gloss and matte protective topcoats as well. The product is wear, impact, and abrasion resistant, moisture and stain resistant, and it’s UV stable. It also offers low volatile organic compounds or VOCs when using a urethane topcoat. Topcoats can come in the light; medium and heavy traffic and you can also incorporate slip-resistant finishes. The installation process for this product is environmentally friendly and it sets fast and strong.

In addition to these options, Flooring Depot also does polished concrete, concrete staining, and textured concrete. “We are excited about the application and addition of these capabilities to our product lineup,” says Barry McEntire, owner, and president of Flooring Depot of Panama City. “We are always looking for ways to expand to better meet the needs of both our residential and commercial customers and this is a great way to do that.”