Meet Your New BFF


By Jack Smith

If you live in Florida, there are a couple of things you must have: a great heating and air company and a great dermatology practice. Thankfully, I’ve got you covered on both: Modern Air to protect your heat pump and Coastal Skin Surgery and Dermatology to protect your skin.

Coastal Skin BridgetIf you live in PCB, meet Bridget Sullivan, certified Physician Assistant. Bridget has been practicing as a Dermatologist PA for over nine years. She is trained in medical, cosmetic, and procedural/ surgical dermatology. Take it from me, she is also a very nice person who is not judgmental, but passionate about her patients. As an ocean lifeguard for over 10 years, you can only imagine the lectures I have received from dermatologists over the years including being asked to leave a practice because I was too tan. Bridget also takes pride in seeing patients’ skin health improvement whether they’re dealing with skin cancer, chronic rashes, or in search of a tailored anti-aging regimen. Bridget has been coming to PCB with her family since she was a kid and is now happy to call it home.

“After moving here I tried a larger practice, but quickly felt that I was being handled and processed. Coastal Dermatology feels more like an old-fashioned doctor’s office where nobody is in a hurry and people actually listen. I almost hesitated to write this article, as I feared that too many frustrated patients would respond and gum up the works,” Bridget said.

Bridget holds a bachelor’s degree in Clinic Lab sciences and a master’s degree in PA studies, both from LSUHSC in New Orleans. She is certified by the National Commission of Physician Assistants (NCCPA) and is a member of the American Academy of PAs. In her spare time… she actually doesn’t have any. If you love the great outdoors and the Florida beaches consider making Bridget your new BFF. I know I have.

Visit COASTALSKINSURGERY.COM or call (850) 500-3376 to make an appointment with Bridget.