Introducing: Jonesing 4 Cookies


Panama City Beach Chamber Spotlight

My name is Cord Jones and I am a husband, father of five, and a full-time baker. My mom, Bridgette, raised me and taught me everything I know in the kitchen. Together we formed Jonesing 4 Cookies in Washington County, FL. Neither one of us had aspirations of becoming full-time bakers, but the joy of creating and seeing the reactions on people’s faces after that first bite was addicting. Every day we get to learn something new and share it with our customers or, as we like to call them, #CookieCutters. They are what keeps the party going, and we are truly grateful for everyone that has enjoyed one of our cookies.
Jonesing 4 CookiesJonesing 4 Cookies started at home with my mom and me. When I was younger and into my adult years, my mom and I would spend time together baking and cooking. Last year, after one of our baking days, we had extra cookies left over. So naturally we wanted to spread some sugary love and took the cookies to our jobs for our co-workers to enjoy. Little did we know that would be the beginning of something special. Soon after we had people asking us for more cookies. I jokingly mentioned that we should start selling them and the next thing you know we were doing our first Farmer’s Market and we were selling out! Next thing you know we were offering cookie tables for events and parties and getting booked! Fast forward a year, and you can now find our cookies at different locations such as Salty Oak Brewing Co. and Midsouth Lumber Co. We are truly blessed to be able to spread love through cookies, or as we like to say, our cookies are “Made with Love to Spread Love.” We want our cookies to take you back to your childhood with that first bite. Our recipes are all original, even with the old fashion favorites.

We also like to spread love in the community with cookie donations for various events and school fundraisers that benefit the schools at a higher level than normal fundraisers. We want the schools or school clubs who use our fundraiser to be able to raise money that will make a difference. It is our mission to continue to grow and give. Jonesing 4 Cookies is community-based because, without the community, we are just a mother and son baking cookies. We are excited about what the future holds as we continue to grow and expand.