Get Your Boat Legal Before You Launch


Renew Your Vessel Registration and Fishing License Online

From the Office of Chuck Perdue, Bay County Tax Collector

May brings beautiful weather to our area, which makes for great days on the water. If boating in May is on your agenda, make sure your boat is legal prior to launch.
With Memorial day weekend right around the corner, people often wait until the week before the holiday to renew their boat registration and fishing license. This often causes busy lobbies in our offices and long wait times.
Get ahead of the game by renewing online through our website at

Take Advantage of Online Services

Renew Registration Online with Express Lane

If you renew online at before 3 p.m. on a weekday, you can select Renew Express to pick up your renewal same day. The renewal system allows you to select which office you would like to pick up your renewal and also allows you to designate someone else to pick up the renewal for you. Once you receive notification your renewal has processed, you can visit the Information Desk at the office selected to pick up the renewal without a wait.

Renew or Purchase Your Fishing License Online

Whether a Florida resident or a visitor, you can purchase or renew your fishing license online at

Register or Title Your Boat – Save Time, Schedule an Appointment

If you need to register and title your boat in Florida, be sure to schedule an appointment to maximize your time.

The Memorial Day weekend brings additional visitors to our area. Larger crowds typically results in more officers patrolling the waterways and roadways to ensure visitors and residents alike are having a safe and enjoyable holiday. Make sure your weekend doesn’t get ruined by a citation. Take the time now to ensure you have everything you need to have a safe, fun and legally-compliant holiday weekend.

The Bay County Tax Collector’s Office is an agent of the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles as well as the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. To learn more about the Tax Collector’s Office, visit