From the Office of Congressman Neal Dunn


Congressman Neal Dunn2024 began with a reminder of Florida’s Second Congressional District’s resilience and strength. On January 9, our district was hit by multiple tornadoes that left behind a tremendous amount of damage. The destruction was absolutely heartbreaking. That said, we did what we do best – we rallied together.

I often brag about my district while I’m in Washington. Not because of the beautiful beaches or the incredible sports teams, but because of our strength and generosity. How you all responded following the storm and tornadoes is a shining example of that.

Neighbors were helping with debris removal, small businesses offering warm meals, and volunteers distributing supplies and donated goods. I cannot thank you all enough!

I also had the opportunity this month to visit our southern border in Eagle Pass, TX. Since 2021, my Republican colleagues and I have voted for significant funding increases for Border Patrol and ICE beyond what the Biden Administration has requested.

This includes the Secure the Border Act of 2023 to restart construction of the border wall, increases the number of Border Patrol agents and provides bonus pay, and ends catch and release. This bill passed in the House in May 2023.

Congress voted on another continuing resolution (CR) last month that pushed appropriations deadlines to March. I voted against the bill. The CR ultimately passed in the House and Senate moving appropriations deadlines to March 1st and March 8th, however, I could not support moving the deadline further back.

We have a crisis at our southern border, and continuing resolutions do nothing except encourage the same failed policies. Congress cannot keep kicking the can down the road. I owe it to Florida’s Second Congressional District to demand Congress do its job.

While National Blood Donor Month has passed, I encourage you to donate blood and save lives. The number of U.S. blood donors is at an all-time low and there is now a national emergency blood shortage. Please consider rolling up your sleeves and donating.
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