Design and Culture: Baby, It’s Cold Outside


There is nothing like a warm fire this time of year to warm our homes. If you are building a home with a fireplace or have a fireplace that you would like to update, We have some local resources to assist you with your project and some information on what’s available out there for a fireplace surround.

If you are looking for someone to handle the whole project, Linda Mugglin, the owner of Tassels Interiors, has worked in Bay County for over 30 years from new construction to remodeling. Tassels Interiors has all the resources you need locally to either design or reface a fireplace and they can manage the project to get everything that you need from start to finish whether you choose masonry or tile. They also work with local carpenters for any woodwork if you are thinking about a wood mantel or shiplap.

Granite Plus Fireplace Living RoomWhen selecting a surround there are lots to consider. Such as, if you are considering shiplap, you will still need some type of fireproof material around the firebox. Natural Stone is a wonderful option for a fireplace surround and depending on the aesthetic of your fireplace and the style you are looking for will depend on your selection. If you would like something seamless and modern, stone or porcelain slabs will achieve this look.

You can visit a local countertop fabricator for a wide range of options as most countertop fabricators do fireplace surrounds as well. Quartzite, Marble, Soapstone, Granite and Dolomites can all be used for this application. Another option for this look, which is a more recent technology, is porcelain slabs and it is available in some beautiful options that emulate natural materials such as Calacatta marble. This is a wonderful advantage as the cost of Italian Marble, due to its exotic characteristics, is very high.

If you are under new construction, whether you use natural stone or porcelain, it is a good idea to connect with a local fabricator or a designer during the beginning stages as these slabs vary in size. They can guide you through this process to be sure you get the end product you imagine.

Granite Plus is a local fabricator with a showroom located at 17801 Ashley Dr. If you are interested in porcelain or natural stone for your fireplace, come by and see us. We have a wide range of porcelain and natural stone options for your new fireplace surround.