Creating a Dream Kitchen


By Spencer Angland, Marketing Coordinator, Flooring Depot of Panama City

It’s the heart of the home. Where everyone gathers to talk about their day, create delicious food, and make lasting memories. Your kitchen reflects your personality—from knickknacks to how it’s organized, it is probably the most used room in your home. That’s why creating a functional and beautiful space is so important. Remodeling your kitchen can be overwhelming but it’s also your chance to change areas you don’t like or don’t function and make them fresh and new.

One of the most important things to consider when designing a new kitchen is the cabinets. Typically, people want a lot of cabinet space so that they have room to store all their kitchen essentials and not have their kitchen look cluttered. Cabinets are more than just storage, though. Cabinets are one of the first things that you notice in a kitchen, and the style and color of the cabinets can affect the way that the whole kitchen looks and feels.

Carmalita Flooring DepotThere are countless designs and colors of cabinets that you can have in your kitchen, and they can be designed to fit exactly what you’re looking for. Picking the right cabinet out of all these options can be a daunting task, so I reached out to Carmelita Clark, Flooring Depot’s kitchen and bath designer who has more than 28 years of experience designing kitchens, to give us a little insight into some things that you should consider.

She took a little time out of her day to talk with me about designing your dream kitchen and the essential items you need to consider.

Spencer: What’s one of the first things people should think about when designing their ‘Dream Kitchen’?

Carmelita: When designing a new kitchen, people need to think about what they like and dislike about their current kitchen. Create a list of what works and what doesn’t. Take that to your salesperson or designer so they can help alleviate those problems for you in the new design. If you are looking for inspiration, scour the internet and find pictures of what you like. Pinterest is a great resource. Once you find your likes and dislikes, share those with your designer as well. Once the sales person knows what you like and don’t like, it makes it easier to design your kitchen to be exactly the way you picture it.

Spencer: What is the most popular style of cabinet right now?

Carmelita: Right now, people love the White Shaker cabinets. White Shaker cabinets are perfect for people who want a farmhouse/modern farmhouse or just a clean look for their kitchen.

Spencer: What are some trends that you think could become popular in the next year?

Carmelita: Grey is a very popular color right now, but people are starting to move away from that color. People are starting to pick up cabinets that are brown with grey undertones. The trends are shifting from cooler colors and gravitating toward warmer colors and undertones.

Spencer: When designing cabinets, what would you recommend for storage or organization?

Carmelita: Storage and organization is a huge issue in a kitchen. It’s important to make sure that you have that space. One of the components I tend to recommend often is rollout trays for pantries. Rollout trays make keeping everything organized and accessible so much easier. A couple other choices to strongly consider include a rollout/pullout spice rack and a drawer for pots and pans. If someone struggles to reach the back of the cabinet, it’s just wasted space that they won’t use, but a rollout tray or drawer makes everything a lot easier and more convenient to grab.

There is so much to consider when thinking of remodeling or updating a kitchen, but our sales staff is here to help. Don’t struggle with deciding what to do. Come see us at one of our two locations, our main store in town, or our PCB location on PCB Parkway (Back Beach) or give us a call at (850) 785-2216. We can help turn your vision into a reality.