Beat the Heat: Fun Musical Activities for Summer Break


Summer break offers a fantastic opportunity for students to explore their creativity and passion for music. Whether they are aspiring musicians or simply enjoy a good tune, engaging in fun music activities can enhance their skills, provide a creative outlet, and make their summer memorable. Here is a variety of exciting music-related activities that will keep young minds entertained and inspired during their summer break.

children singing1. Make a Music Video:

Choose a favorite song or piece of music and become an actor/actress for the day. Kids can work together to write a creative story that goes along with the song, complete with characters, costumes and props, and then turn it into a video. Ideas could include acting out the lyrics to a song, dressing up as a famous pop star or creating a short film and adding some music to the background, silent movie-style.

2. Form a Band:

If your child already plays an instrument, encourage him to gather a group of talented friends, form a band and prepare a set list of their favorite songs or even write new ones! They could even host a backyard concert one evening for friends, family, and neighbors. This activity is a little challenging but can do wonders for encouraging teamwork and confidence.

3. DIY Instruments:

Engage in some arts and crafts for a hands-on experience. Even everyday items like buckets, spoons and trash cans can be used as performance props, just like the entertainment group Stomp, who use ordinary objects to create amazing performances with rhythm, dance and a bit of comedy. Check out one of their performances on YouTube.

4. Music-themed Movie Night:

Host a music-themed movie night, where kids can enjoy films that revolve around music and musicians. Choose iconic movies such as “The Sound of Music,” “School of Rock,” “La La Land” or “Coco.” After the movie, encourage a discussion about the music, themes, and characters, so they can work on their understanding and appreciation of music in different contexts and cultures.

5. Try a New (Or Old) Instrument:

If you have an old instrument sitting in the closet, now is the perfect time to dust it off and experiment with it. Music lessons are over for the summer, so there’s no pressure! If instructions are needed, it’s very easy to find tutorials around the internet for all different kinds of instruments. A visit to the local music shop can also be a fun experience and you might even find something new to take home with you.

6. Campfire Sing-Along:

Thinking of organizing an evening campfire party on the beach? It wouldn’t be complete without a little singing. You might consider hiring a guitarist to lead your group of friends and family in singing some old favorites.

This summer break, let the power of music fuel the creativity, curiosity, and passion of your kids. By adding a few musical activities into their day, they can nurture their talents, explore new ideas, and create lasting memories. Give these activities a go and hopefully you’ll make this summer an unforgettable one!