Bay Arts’ Fourth Annual FLLUXE Arts Fest March 1-2


The 4th Annual Florida Luxe Arts Festival (FLLUXE) returns to Historic Downtown Panama City on March 1-2.

Flluxe 2023 And Art By Tracy StumFLLUXE is a two-day event: Friday, March 1 from 4-8 p.m. and Saturday, March 2 from 10 a.m.-8 p.m. This free-to-the-public event promises to transform the streets into a kaleidoscope of creativity, showcasing the talents of local and international artists.

“FLLUXE ignites my creative soul and continues to be one of my favorite weekends of the year,” said Jayson Kretzer, Executive Director of Bay Arts Alliance. “We are humbled by the continued support of our community–without that support, putting together a festival of this magnitude and keeping it free to the public, just simply would not be possible.”

The festivities will take place just outside of the Panama City Center for the Arts, around the newly dedicated Four Points Plaza and along Harrison Avenue towards Gateway Park.
“We are so excited to support FLLUXE in its 4th year in our beautiful Historic Downtown,” said Dr. Kesia Blenn, Arts and Culture Coordinator for the City of Panama City. “This festival gives everyone—adults and children alike—a one-of-kind opportunity to immerse themselves in the Arts and be a part of something really incredible.”

National chalk artists–Chris Carlson, Kimberly Herring, Jan Riggins, and more–will bring their talents from across the United States to the streets of Historic Downtown Panama City to create 3-D interactive pieces for the public to enjoy.

Visitors will have the chance to witness the magic unfold as the artists transform the sidewalks of downtown into a visual feast of colors and 3D illusions, as well as enjoy performances by local musicians and visit with local artisan vendors. They will also be able to enjoy the Panama City Farmers’ Market and see the newest exhibitions at the Center for the Arts.

“Embracing the essence of our artistic city, FLLUXE brings art to the streets of Historic Downtown Panama City in a way that’s truly engaging,” said Maria Williams, Director of the Panama City Downtown Improvement Board. “The interactive street art created by the talented artists adds a special touch to our community, making every stroll through downtown a unique and memorable experience.”

More information about the festival can be found at The website will be updated as more details become available.

More about Chris Carlson
Chris has been studying anamorphic 3D perspective (the special perspective that allows a drawing to pop off the pavement) for over 10 years. He has traveled all over the country and the world studying with masters and creating artwork in front of thousands of people. In this time Chris has developed his own unique style.

He has created artwork for national advertising campaigns with Fortune 500 companies. Chris has also won multiple “Best 3-D” awards at sidewalk chalk art competitions around the country. Chris continues to push his limits and the art form to new levels.

More about Kimberly Herring
A native of Houston, Texas, Kimberly Herring started using oil paints at age 11 after inheriting her grandfather’s paint set and painting books when he passed away. She continues to create today as a stay-at-home mom to four children.

More about Jan Riggins
Jan Riggins of Fort Worth, Texas is a largely self-taught artist who started out as a musician but grew up in a family of artists. Starting in March of 2020, she and her daughter, Olivia, began chalking on their driveway and sidewalk. This soon became a nightly activity, enjoying different themes and subjects to explore. Jan now chalks for companies and at festivals across the world, bringing 3D creations to life.

FLLUXE Arts Festival
FLLUXE is a street painting festival presented by Bay Arts Alliance, the local non-profit art agency for Bay County with support from our generous sponsors. The event includes renowned national street painters and local artists. FLLUXE also features live music, performers, and artisanal vendors.